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Gulf Cobla owns and operates six Cutter Suction Dredger units; CSD “Khaleej Bay”, CSD “Garhoud Bay”, CSD “Deira Bay”, CSD “Baniyas Bay”, CSD “Hamriyah Bay” and CSD “Jumeirah Bay”.  The first three dredgers have been specifically designed based on the local, Middle East conditions (both climatologically and geo-technical).  Their electrical cutter drive and the sturdy design of the cutter-ladder, spud carrier and pontoon allows these dredgers to be utilized not only in sand, but also in moderately weak rock type materials.  The latest three additions to the fleet were also prepared for the region and complement the others for dredging in soft and medium dense sand and as they are also very suitable for smaller scale, shallow dredging requirements.

Dredgers, “Garhoud Bay” and “Deira Bay” have been rebuild over the years, both the mechanical and electrical elements, and are currently in a very good state of maintenance. Dredger “Khaleej Bay” was added to the fleet in 2004.  This CSD is the first heavy-duty dredger constructed in the Middle East.  In 2012, Gulf Cobla added the “Baniyas Bay” to their fleet.  This hydraulically driven Beaver 3,800 type dredger excels in sandy type materials.  In 2015 the “Hamriyah Bay” and “Jumeirah Bay” were purchased and modified to add to the flexibility and availability of Gulf Cobla’s dredging fleet.

To support the main units and their operational processes, Gulf Cobla owns and operates a fleet of auxiliary plant and equipment, which will allow them to provide the full package of dredging and reclamation services.  This up-to-date fleet of land based and marine equipment includes, bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, trucks, trailers, mobile workshops, accommodation units, site offices for land operations, as well as work boats, tug boats, multicats, survey vessels, crew boats, cargo barges, landing craft amongst others for marine operations.